Danish Healthy & Vital Food Import & Export Company

baby2This is Danish Healthy and Vital Food Import and Export Company's official website. We would like using this web platform to present the company’s vision and ambitions, and the products we have; at the same time to establish a mutual understanding and mutual trust relations between the company and customers.

The company group have had a trade relation with China for more than a decade. In this period of time we have been constantly in the process of products development and made our contribution of improving the people’s life standard and quality, at the same time strengthened the connections with China and friendly relationship with the Chinese people. We are sure that this relationship of mutual trust between our company and the customers is essential, therefore we are and will always do business in a frankly and honest way with our customers.

Danish Healthy and Vital Food Import and Export Company are located in Copenhagen, the hometown of the little mermaid. Just as little mermaid’s pursuit of loving we seek providing safe, high quality food in order to enhance the people's physique and improve the life quality of the people. This is our company’s vision and ambitions. Therefore we only offer products, which are in line with our vision and ambitions.

The Nestle milk powder is a major export product for our company just because of its high quality and safety, which are in line with company's vision. The high quality of Nestle products outcomes from 145 years of careful research and development based on clinical studies. Nestle milk powder products we offer at this site are locally produced in European countries and shipped directly to China after controlling of the European food safety inspection. In this way both quality of the milk and safety, quality control have an absolute advantage comparing with many of the similar products. The products can be described like that absolutely imported, safety and reliable. Therefore is an ideal web site to purchase milk powder.